“ASPRIDEQ´ NGOD MANU PERU is a Non-profit civil association for the protection, conservation and development at Manu ( Q´oñec)  It is a non-governmental organization whose main objectives are: protection, restoration of degraded areas, preservation of flora/ fauna and contribution to maintaining the environmental balance of fragile forests of the mountain range of Piñi Piñi, through being a practical model for the creation sustainable alternatives and sustainable management of the Amazon rainforest in combination with the social development. Promoting and raising awareness about the proper use of technology and through sustainable use of valuable natural resources.

The organization focuses on 4 forms of action:
*  Environmental protection
*  Legal and political engagement
*  Strategies for social development
*  Ethical and sustainable economic investments

Currently the organization works closely with local communities, and through its ecological project, ecotourism and business activities, it provides economic opportunities for sustainability environmental and economic; for which it requires the backing and support by government institutions, NGOs and individuals person who with their various contributions help supporting  the project through their organization.

Conservation in this case presents a strategy, based on an ethic which recognizes that only sustainable development can be called and hence the particular importance of self-management of organized local villagers. It is perhaps most significant innovation and it is in this sense that the establishment of a reserve intended to integrate the protection and sustainable use by local people own copper its true dimension.

Technical, legal and political mismanagement in the delays have caused deforestation at an alarming rate, with massive loss of natural resources (flora and fauna), soil erosion, compaction and extinction of natural species, are essential aspects to consider.



Dante K. Núñez del Prado Santander.
Founder and Tour guide

Patrizia Saccomandi Chiapini.
Co-Founder and Microbiologist, specialist in cellular Biology, Technical Assistant in experimental Medicine

Karina Chino Huanca
Volunteer coordinator and secretary of the organization

Victor Castelo Tamayo

Oracio Mozombite Ramos
Forestal Monitor

Gorky Boris Zapata Leon

Alberto Manqueriapa Casini
Shaman of  Traditional Medicine

Litzy Núñez del Prado Santander.
Specialist of Environmental education in basic and High school.

Luis Fernando Tisoc

Manu volunteeers
Volunteers and children from the native Manu communities.

All the volunteers that participated in different activities, categories, and modalities of the project during these last 5 years’ experience can also be considered collaborators.