Human Resources

Recurso humano de la organización

Dante K. Núñez del Prado Santander.
Founder and Tour guide

Patrizia Saccomandi Chiapini.
Co-Founder and Microbiologist, specialist in cellular Biology, Technical Assistant in experimental Medicine

Karina Chino Huanca
Volunteer coordinator and secretary of the organization

Victor Castelo Tamayo

Oracio Mozombite Ramos
Forestall Monitor

Gorky Boris Zapata Leon

Alberto Manqueriapa Casini
Shaman of Amazonian Traditional Medicine

Litzy Núñez del Prado Santander.
Specialist of Environmental education in basic and High school.

Luis Fernando Tisoc

All the volunteers that participated in different activities, categories, and modalities of the project during these last 5 years’ experience can also be considered collaborators.