Manu Volunteer


The  Manu Amazon Volunteer work involves a commitment to collaborate, creating alternative development, initiatives and participation in the action, supporting the personnel to maintenance the reserve and the development of the activities in the conservation area.

Volunteer in Amaru Mayu of Manu Reserve
Manu jungle volunteer, Amaru Mayu ecological reserve

To the extent that we combine our technical, ecological and cultural knowledge with their contribution we will be contributing to new development experiences in the Amazon, which for the local population means improvement their quality of life, humanity and the environment as well as an extraordinary opportunity to be interested and get into the Amazon rainforest, enjoying the vital and regenerating contact with mother nature.

What makes this volunteer program unique is the fact that you have complete freedom as a volunteer.

Volunteer registration

The more the volunteer put on these programs, much more valuable and effective they become for the environment and the local people.

The project requires medioambiental volunteers to work creatively and independently, and is not the best option for volunteers who are looking for a highly organized and supervised program.

The reserve offers stays of 15 days, 1 month, 2 months and 3 months. However for people who have a short and longer period they must first inform the institution.

Time requires working 5 hours from Monday to Saturday. Sundays are free days.

During the volunteer free time you can enjoy the many wonders that this reserve offer such as, observing many species of fauna in their natural habitat or investigating the diverse species of native flora, many of them with medicinal qualities or just spending your time relaxing in this tropical paradise with a book in hand and your thoughts of the fast pace of life you left behind, far away.

In order to be selected as volunteer we require you to send a curriculum vitae or an essay about your priorities and expectations as a future eco-volunteer in the Peruvian Amazon jungle.


The participation in the volunteer program involves not have a specific profession, for us is not the most important criterion and is not necessary that their studies are related to the environmental field. The most important are your initiatives to collaborate, work and contribute with new ideas, encouraging reciprocal enrichment experiences.

Protecting the jungle and mother earth Manu biosphere
Amazon Volunteer programs in Manu. Carin for and saving wildlife.

As well, it involves covering budgets that demand to support  the period you want to invest, which will help to sustain basic living expenses for the trip and comfortable stay during the time as well as help viably sustain the reserve, which is specifically intended protect.

Conserve and fertilize the forests of this reserve while achieving manage their resources to generate better quality of life and social development and fulfilment of all its visitors and direct and indirect beneficiaries being.


The type of work that volunteer choose to undertake will depend upon your expectations and skills. You may choose works or may discuss with us before your arrival the type of work you would like to undertake and we can advise you of the possibilities.

Amazon Volunteer registration data
  • Maintenance/cleaning, transplantation, seedbed preparation
  • Watching wildlife in their natural habitat
  • To record, create herbal and develop statistical data of the existing flora and its medicinal benefits.
  • Monitoring and reintroduction of wildlife, participation of 6 months minimum.
  • Support the rescue center wildlife
  • Extracurricular environmental workshop “The Messenger”
  • Workshop curriculum strengthening
  • Organic agriculture
  • Reforestation
  • Cleaning and maintenance of the paths / trails
  • Construction camp Paititi
  • Repair and maintenance of structures
  • Improvement and innovation with new tools, promotion and marketing of the website (
  • personal research projects, thesis students are received depending on the subject of application.

“Come to enjoy Manu with us. in doing so, you will be helping the forest and the people who live there”