Problem Solving



In Peru we can speak in general terms, of an absence of social participation in the establishment of protected natural areas, regardless of the assigned category.

Currently in this area we endured a series of environmental, economic and social problems due to inadequate implementation of development processes for the area.

Productive activities are generally based on extractive and logging, fishing and poaching, which has led to reduced availability of these resources, sustaining these activities, creating the villagers especially the settlers and natives, see resources that protects the Biosphere Reserve as a future possibility of development.

Part of the environmental constraints imposed by the environment (mainly land) have problems regarding the application of technologies of exploitation and marketing, determining that the population possesses very low standards of living and serious deficiencies in health services, education and basic sanitation and other alternatives such as lack of development or unemployment generated by the constant migration of premises.

The legal form of the proposal in this sense represents an interesting option of use and direct and indirect benefit of use existing resources, since it allows the integrated management of a protected area for the benefit of neighbouring communities, always when use, it is under the management plan established, for effective use of the area with traditional, cultural, economic support and according to their potential activities and benefit indirect use of resources landscape and rich biodiversity existing in the area.