Amaru Mayu Socio Ecological Project represents an initiative of ASPRIDEQ’ NGOD MANU PERU to the rescue, preservation and safeguarding of vulnerable ecosystem of Amaru Mayu, sector of the buffer zone of the Manu National Park, whose fragility is a concern of world order established as Ecological Reserve this current refuge of endangered endemic species and fragile as protection rain forest.

The Amaru Mayu project covers its proposal the scope Reserve, whose transitional forests between high and low jungle that offer a special condition of interest for tourists, students, scientists, biologists, zoologists, botanists and other professionals (the locality of the country or foreign)

The area established by Amaru Mayu Ecological volunteer reserve, has a category in which the management of natural resources has been doing by association evermore protected physically and legally this pristine forest.

Finally, within the management plan for the reserve role to be played by research and the benefits it can bring to the local development of the adjoining communities and the entire adjacent to this space population in direct and indirect benefit, as category it is proposed in order to improve the quality of life of communities and gradually involving neighbouring residents of the intervention area.